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Safety, Trainings and Consultancy

SPΛRK is a company for contractors and (chemical) companies who are looking for safety and training. For those who know that safety management and training people enhances productivity and quality.

SPΛRK B.V. was founded in 2020 with the main goal and ambition to contribute to safety wherever necessary. This mainly consist of consulting  companies  such as Borealis on matters of safety.

As a safety advisor I am capable of finding the middlle ground in difficult matters. For me it's all about keeping a human touch, but never forgetting the higher goal. About creating rules for a framework that is acceptable and achieveable for all parties.

Another core aspect of my work is training. Only by investing in training you get employees who know what they are doing and can come up with innovative ideas themselves through an improved understanding of their tasks. Educating and coaching people costs nothing, because it pays off in productivity and job satisfaction, the key words in an industry of the 21st century.

We are familiar with training people in acoordance with Belgian and Dutch regulations, such as VCA and SIR.
These trainings are similar however to most European and worldwide standards.

Steven Peeters

Buizegemlei 29
2650 Edegem


Phone: +32 (0) 477 89 12 34
BTW: BE 0000.000.000